Spaghetti with Parmesan cheese

Type of dish

Type of dish Main dishes

Preparation time

Preparation time 5 min

Cooking time

Cooking time 12 min


People 2


  • 150 g of spaghetti
  • 1 L of water
  • 50 g of butter
  • 50 g of powdered Parmesan cheese
  • Oregano, salt and pepper

Step-by-step cooking method

  1. Insert the spaghetti and water into the container and cook in the microwave at maximum power for the time specified by the manufacturer.
  2. Drain, add the ingredients into the container, stir and cook for another 30 seconds.


  • Boiling pasta: add the pasta to the container and cover it with water and a pinch of salt. Place the 4-in-1 Microwave Pasta Cooker InnovaGoods® in the microwave without the lid and heat at maximum power for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Check if the pasta is cooked and, if necessary, leave to cook for another minute or so (in 30 second intervals).
  • Remove the container from the microwave, taking care not to burn yourself, place the lid and remove the excess water. If you are cooking spaghetti, you can use the hole in the handles as a measurer and as a handle so you don’t burn yourself. Each hole is the approximate amount for one person.

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