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InnovaGoods offers the latest items for your home, such as the Oscillating Ceramic Heater Heramik InnovaGoods ! Discover a wide range of high-quality products which stand out for their functionality, efficiency and innovative design: lighting, storage, decoration, air conditioning, garden, pets, cleaning, etc.

This oscillating ceramic heater provides comforting localised warmth. It has ceramic resistance, thermostat, anti-roll protection and 2 levels of power and oscillation. Portable, energy efficient and ideal for tables and desks.

A modern portable ceramic heater that helps fight the cold in small places quickly and efficiently. Due to its compact design, it is lightweight and takes up very little space.

  • Ceramic heater (PTC), low consumption: Our oscillating heater provides pleasant warmth in close proximity. Its PTC heating technology allows fast and even heating. It has high-efficiency ceramic resistance that minimises consumption and promotes energy savings.
  • 2 power settings/temperatures: This portable heater is perfect for heating small places. It allows you to choose between two power levels: Low (600 W) – High (1200 W). The higher level is advisable for a quick warm-up, while the lower level is more appropriate for prolonged use.
  • Oscillating, 2 speeds: this ceramic heater has 2 oscillation modes (Swing Low-Swing High) to adapt to your preferences and needs at all times. Its oscillating movement favours a more optimal and homogeneous heat distribution throughout the room.
  • Thermal and anti-roll protection: it has a thermostat that regulates and controls the temperature to keep it constant in the room, avoiding overheating of the appliance. In addition, it is very easy to use, comfortable and safe. Thanks to its anti-roll sensor, it is automatically deactivated in the event it falls.
  • Compact, portable: With its lightweight and compact design, this modern desktop heater is easy to take anywhere. Ideal for placing on tables and desks, or on the floor to warm your feet. Very useful at home and in the office (living room, bathroom, bedroom, office, remote working, etc.).
  • Colour:
    • White
    • Black
  • Material:
    • ABS
    • Steel
  • Type: Portable Heater
  • PTC technology: Electric Ceramic Heater
  • Characteristics: Oscillation
  • Anti-tip protection: Automatic shutdown
  • Adjustable thermostat: Temperature regulator
  • Properties: Fast heating
  • Low consumption: Energy saving
  • Oscillation: SWING LOW-SWING HIGH
  • Power levels: LOW-HIGH
  • Light and manageable: Easy to transport and store
  • Easy to use: Comfortable, simple and safe use
  • Compact: Takes up a small amount of space
  • Can be used at home, in the office, etc.: Ideal for office use and for working from home
  • Type of plug: F
  • Cable length: 120 cm
  • Sound intensity: <75 dB
  • Power: 600-1200 W
  • AC In: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
  • Approx. dimensions: Ø13,5 x 23,5 cm

Packaging and manual in 24 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovakian, Estonian, Russian and Latvian.

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