We create products with added value


Why we are different

Trend hunting and constant innovations

We discover the latest market trends and develop products to respond to them. Our team of experts will advise you in order to find the perfect product for your business. Be the first to have the latest trend.

Products designed in Europe

All our product development takes place in Europe. Our staff design items in response to the demands of the European market.

Constant supervision

We review the manufacturing process from beginning to end. We select and work with the best factories and inspect the quality of the raw material.

Packaging and manuals in 24 European languages

One of the advantages of working with InnovaGoods is that our packaging is suitable for any market since it is translated into 24 languages by native translators. In addition, the drafting of the manuals is a careful process in which we seek to optimise the user experience of the customer.

Manuals and training plans

As with our kitchen products, we work with fitness instructors to develop the products in this category. They support us in creating the manuals and training plans that accompany these products.

Recipe books

We have reached an agreement with the international chef, Paul Bertrand, to work with us to develop some of our kitchen products. In addition to advising on the product design, Bertrand is in charge of writing the recipe books included with these items.

Photography and promotional videos

Our team of professional photographers have a studio and design house and work with modelling agencies to produce high-quality photographs of the products. We have a video production team who record original content explaining the strong points of each product. The videos are perfect for display and can be subtitled into various languages or shared on social networks.

Promotional material for the point of sale

Our creative team has experience in the design and preparation of promotional material, such as displays with adapted inners, adhesives, roll-ups…

OEM and own brand products

We develop personalised products for our customers using their branding and specifications. We can create the design at InnovaGoods or use the design created by the customer.